1. 3/8” side shields.

2. Reinforced steel fabrication throughout.

3. Fabricated wheel yokes, solid rubber tires.

4. Replaceable, long lasting teeth. Carbide and weld-on teeth also available.

5. A viturally indestructible chain case.

6. Extreme duty hitches.

Tough. Heavy Duty. Built to Last.

MTW’s product design engineers oversee the day-to-day manufacturing and assembly of heavy-duty power box rakes to ensure that the products outperform and outlast competitors’ products. MTW Power Box Rakes are manufactured to last with features such as thicker steel, virtually indestructible chain cases, steel bearing housings, larger drivelines, solid rubber tires, fabricated wheel yokes, heavy duty hitches and carbide-tipped teeth, weld-on teeth or replaceable teeth.


MTW Heavy Duty Power Box Rakes are engineered for top performance in all types of conditions from soft, sod beds to extremely hard packed soils and gravel beds. Available in three models: Mark I, Mark II and Mark III.

0-10-20 Angle Adjustments
Durable Steel Bearing Housings
.375 Steel Wall Construction

MARK I uses primarily 7ga wall construction and a 6” diameter rotor with carbide teeth. Ideal and affordable choice for compact tractors, small to medium skid steers, and mini-skid steers. Available in 4’, 5’, and 6’, hydraulic (20 gpm flow Max) or PTO (Category 0 or 1, up to 35HP).

MARK II is MTW’s most popular model. Standard features include .25 wall construction throughout, virtually indestructible chain case, “no flat” solid rubber tires, fabricated wheel yoke, and heavy duty hitches. Designed for skid steers flowing 20-30 gpm and Category 1-2 tractors ranging from 35-75HP, the Mark 2 is available in 6’, 7’, and 8’ sizes for both hydraulic and PTO applications. The unit comes standard with 6” diameter rotors and your choice of either weld-on teeth or replaceable teeth.

MARK III is MTW’s toughest, most rugged model. Standard features include .375 wall construction and reinforced fabrication throughout, virtually indestructible chain case, “no flat” solid rubber tires, fabricated wheel yoke, and extreme duty hitches. Designed specifically for high flow skid steers (up to 40 gpm) and for tractors with Category 2 hitches and exceeding 60HP, these units are unmatched and live up to the challenge of transmitting the unit’s power into the ground.  Available in 8’ and 10’ sizes for hydraulic and PTO applications with 8” diameter rotors and weld-on-teeth, replaceable teeth, and carbide teeth options.  The Mark 3’s added power and strength breaks up and conditions more material more efficiently for a finer, smoother result.


The MTW Heavy Duty Power Box Rake is designed for easy operation and low maintenance with fewer chances for mechanical break downs compared to competitors. Adjustments for blade angles are quickly and easily made from 0 to 10 to 20 degrees with a simple manual pin setting. Blade heights can be changed with four quick bolt adjustments to accommodate different soil compositions. Fewer automated controls drastically reduce chances for mechanical break downs, keeping operators fully productive and focused on “Mastering the Work.”

Quick-change side shield adjustments.